KOJI Kiwamifude Liquid Eyeliner Maroon Brown
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KOJI Kiwamifude Liquid Eyeliner Maroon Brown

  • Product Features
    • - Having a weight that is about 2.5 times more than the standard applicator offers more stability and prevents shaky application .
    • - Ultra- fine bristles that are soft but firm .
    • - It is quick drying formula , prevent running, creasing and stained eyelids .
    • - The lines withstand perspiration create fresh look up to 24 hours
    • - Easy to remove by warm water and gentle to the skin .
  • Sales Focus
    • - A special construction that allows perfect and detailed lines
    • - The solid weight of the hybrid metal and resin applicator prevents shaky lines .
    • - This liquid eyeliner is manufactured in the Narafude method , which is one of the major techniques of the Nara prefecture traditional craftsmanship .
    • - The applicators feature a mixture of metal (steel ) and resin 


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