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Club Cosmetics Club Makeup Powder Pastel Rose Fragrance 26G'' Is The Face Powder To Fulfill The ''24 Hours, Always A Should Told Skin Clean'' Such Girls Wish. 

Skin care powder for 24-hour use.

The super fine textured powder covers uneven skin tone, while skin appearance remains very natural like bare skin, it is hard to tell that it is on. 

I Will Show It To Clean The Skin, Only No Makeup, Make Sense Of Zero. Nevertheless, It Leads In Person Painted To The Ideal Of The Skin. 

Fine-Grained Powder Is Inconspicuous Color And Uneven Pores Of The Skin, The Skin A Sense Of Transparency, Such As After Bath. Because Skin Care Powder, You Can Sleep As It Is Not Necessary Cleansing. 

If you don't want to wipe off your make up at night, this club cosme non wash BB powder is your best choice;It moisture your skin all the night

How to use including: 
After conditioning your skin on skin care, lotion, milk lotion, included puff in the dosage let so gently stroking the skin and should be used over your face. Puff has always clean, please. 
Gently pat the powder onto face evenly

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