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日本 HOLLYWOOD Orchid Enzyme Mask Pack 酵素面膜 

(收毛孔, 保濕, 補水, 去黃)

日本每月生產2000套的限量版面膜。這款是好萊塢旗下的粉霜混合酵素面膜,cosme第一。 88年曆史的日本著名美容學院hollywood化粧品開發,連續暢銷 58年! 簡介★Hollywood在日本已經有50年的歷史,是日本賣的最好的酵素面膜★有別於一般酵素產品,Hollywood 酵素面膜可以保持酵素的新鮮,更好的發揮酵素的效果,不刺激皮膚,用完皮膚不會乾燥。★主要的效果還是和一般酵素產品一樣(酵素有的效果:去除一般潔面洗不掉的毛孔內污垢,去除皮膚暗沉增加皮膚透明感,去黑頭,改善毛孔粗...


日本每月生產2000套的限量版面膜。這款是好萊塢旗下的粉霜混合酵素面膜,cosme第一。 88年曆史的日本著名美容學院hollywood化粧品開發,連續暢銷 58年!




★有別於一般酵素產品,Hollywood 酵素面膜可以保持酵素的新鮮,更好的發揮酵素的效果,不刺激皮膚,用完皮膚不會乾燥。







★Hollywood 酵素面膜是清潔型面膜,能去除多餘的皮脂、陳舊角質及污垢等粉末狀產品。

★可以增強活性酶的功效, 保護,柔潤您的肌膚,讓您感受滋潤和服帖的質感。 






★敏感肌: 敷3-4分鐘

★乾性肌: 敷5-6分鐘

★普通肌: 敷7-8分鐘

★油性肌: 敷10分鐘


This is the Hollywood powder cream mixed enzyme mask, COSME awards first! According to their own preferences and skin tone powder, and then stir evenly painted on the face. Soft skin, increase the transparency, the black has a good effect, improve the pores thick. Improve the pores of large, unbalanced skin secretion of the skin, as well as can dilute the smallpox in India, whitening clean skin dirty things and other effects!

88 years of history of the famous Japanese beauty academy hollywood cosmetics development, continuous selling 58 years! The

Can remove excess sebum, old horny and dirt and other powder products. Can enhance the efficacy of active enzymes. Protect, soften your skin, so you feel the texture of moisture and Futie. Can easily break down deep in the depths of the pores at the daily wash difficult to remove the dirt and aging horny, improve the cuticle caused by the poor metabolism of dry, rough, hair is also large, acne, allergies, dull and many other skin problems, Root cause problems, so that the skin back to health.

Their use of the feeling is that this component mask will not be too dry, almost 10 minutes to dry.


Mixed with the two can be used evenly, and then even deposited in the face, it is recommended that the first use of the first application of 5 minutes, after the second time to start different skin attaining time is not the same ~

Sensitive skin, attaining time 3-4 minutes!

Dry skin, attaining time 5-6 minutes!

Ordinary skin! Attaining time 7-8 minutes!

Oily skin! Attaining time for 10 minutes!

Origin: Japan


A long-selling product enjoyed by customers for more than half a century since its launch in 1960. Enzyme Pack boosts the effectiveness of other cosmetics by the skin clean and soft. The Mask and Pickup Cream are mixed afresh before each application to harness the effectiveness Of enzymes at peak freshness. Good for both face and body

Country of Origin: Japan

Review from blogger : 

This has been said to be a mask that is love by celebrities worldwide and one of the best selling mask in Tokyo. This mask pack are safe to use daily. Recommend to people who suffer with acne prone skin as this helps to heal your skin gently. Also contains its unique ingredient called the Proteolytic Enzymes that washes our sebum that trapped deeply in your pores. Hard to reach dirt that clog your pores and make your trouble with acne. Also, this can be use for your body, especially if you have back acne problem.

- These mask are one of the mask I love because it is "freshly activate". What I mean is, you need to mix two ingredient together in order to use them. Which means freshly made for you to use. Not the one that is packed inside a tube for who knows how long. The small rounded bottle contains the powder and the tube looking packaging is the cream. I got some info there are actually an amount you need to follow. 3 spoon for Oily skin, 2 spoon for Normal (which I use), 1 spoon for Dry skin and 1/2 spoon for sensitive skin. So I pour some in to the bowl(approx 2 spoon), and squeeze in some cream in it. I mix it up using the spatula that they provide until it comes like a paste. 

- It does not sting my eye like some mas pack I use to experience with (the one that helps to combat acne problem usually have too much minty feeling). This one is just nice, not too minty, not to drying.I use this mask for 20 minutes. It starts to fade after 10-15 minutes. The result in just one use are incredible. Look closely. My skin has less pores and redness is reduce. It feel s good on my skin. Both of these products works great together! Recommend if you are looking for a cleanser and skin treatment for your acne skin. If gel cleanser and cream cleanser are too harsh, maybe this will work for you.






#可以增強活性酶的功效 # 保護您的肌膚 #柔潤您的肌膚 #讓您感受滋潤和服帖的質感

#可輕鬆分解深藏在毛孔深處平日洗顏難以清除的污垢 #老化角質

#改善因角質層新陳代謝不良引起的乾燥 #粗糙 #毛也粗大 #痘痘 #過敏 #暗沉 #諸多肌膚困擾

#解決肌膚根源問題 #使肌膚重返健康

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